Gripster Skins Black Fishscale Nitrile Gloves - 10 boxes (500 gloves)

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Grippaz Gripster Skins black nitrile gloves feature a unique, patented fish scale grip that provides grip in wet or oily conditions, ideally suited for mechanics, engineers, tattooists and agriculture.

Gripster Skins gloves feature Grippaz' unique patented fish scale grip, providing exceptional grip when handling tools or equipment in wet or oily conditions. This unique patterned grip is used on both sides of the Gripster Skins gloves, keeping them ambidextrous. Manufactured from a specially formulated nitrile organic compound that offers excellent performance against machine oils, engine oil, hydraulic oil, grease, bleach, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, detergents and solvents.

Gripster Skins Features:

  • Unique fishscale grip pattern
  • Conforms to EN374-2 2003
  • EN374-1 2003
  • CE approved
  • Patented design
  • Available in sizes S-XXL
  • Sold in boxes of 50 gloves