HALYARD HAND-AID I.V. Wrist Support Paediatric 16.5x7x23cm - 20 pcs

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Unlike some IV supports, which use harsh tape that can irritate skin, our entire line of HAND-AID* IV supports is designed with you in mind. They feature soft, adjustable hook-and-loop straps. They allow for a secure, custom fit for all patients, and they're easy to adjust for repositioning and removal.

To help reduce irritation and limit the possibility of infection at an IV site, IV supports are employed during the initial stages of IV placement. They may be used to stabilise a patient's wrist or, if an antecubital view is being accessed, a forearm or elbow. Our IV supports also have a large plastic base that can be cleaned with a quick wipe to help prevent cross-contamination.

16.5cm - Length
7cm - Width
23cm - Strap Size